How do I create a website in 3 simple steps?

It’s like a recipe. Follow along. We’ll show you.

Tim Mallon & Brad Linberg
Web Designers

We are a couple of web designers who want to share how to build your own website amidst a world of complex tools and tiresome instructions. During our combined 30 years of experience, we’ve learned the trade secrets and tools that make it easy to create a great website.

If you can follow a recipe, then you can follow these 3 simple steps to get your small business website and blog up and running in about an hour.
Step 1: Choose your domain name and web host
Step 2: Install your platform: WordPress

Step 3: Purchase and customize your theme

Step 1

Choose your domain name and web host

The foundation of every website contains two ingredients:

  1. Domain name (the address where people find you online)
  2. Hosting (the space that stores the files and info you want to share and connects it to the internet)

Owning your own domain and hosting is not only more professional, it also gives you more flexibility in the future and prevents others from showing ads on your website. To get started, a domain typically costs $10-15 per year and hosting typically costs $5-10 per month. In order to mix these ingredients in the most efficient manner, we recommend using Bluehost*.

* This is an affiliate link. By purchasing through this link, we get a commission. It helps us keep this site up and running and is a great way to let us know this page was useful to you.

With Bluehost you can get your domain name free for the first year with your web hosting package.

Reasons to use Bluehost:

  1. Bluehost has excellent 24/7 support.
  2. Bluehost keeps your site up 99.9% of the time (uptime guarantee!).
  3. Bluehost prohibits pornography, nudity, and other adult content.
  4. Bluehost is among the the most affordable and inexpensive web hosts.
  5. Bluehost is the number one recommended host for WordPress.
  6. Bluehost is very easy to use.
  7. Bluehost lets you have unlimited size, bandwidth, domains, and email accounts.

bluehost-getstartedTo begin, go to Bluehost and click the get started now button. To start, most sites are fine with the “basic” plan (about $60/year), but if you want several domains or email accounts, then it is best to start with the “plus” plan (about $95/year). The price listed is the price if you pay for a year in advance (a better deal with each year you add). They also provide a full 30-day money back guarantee.

Once you select your plan, the other options such as Domain Privacy Protection, Site Backup Pro, Search Engine Jumpstart, and Sitelock Security are optional. If you want to remain anonymous, the Domain Privacy Protection can be helpful. If you will have very sensitive or valuable information on your site, the Site Backup Pro can be helpful. However, none of these are necessary to start.

That’s all there is to step 1, hooray!

Step 2

Install your platform: WordPress

bluehost-installwpNow that you have your domain and hosting, you are ready to mix in another ingredient: your web platform.

For the sake of this tutorial we are using what we highly recommend: WordPress. You can read more about why we recommend WordPress as a platform if you like, but now let’s talk about how easy it is to install it with Bluehost.

Once you have signed up with Bluehost, you can simply login, choose “hosting” in your control panel, and select the “Install WordPress” icon. Pick the domain name that you just purchased and click the “install now” button and boom, you’re done! You can now log in to your site with the WordPress username and password that you chose.

For more detailed steps check out our WordPress installation guide.

Step 3

Purchase and customize your theme

divi-themesNow the fun begins. You are close to seeing your final product, you just need to mix in another critical ingredient. Since you have your domain name, web hosting, and now WordPress installed, you just need to customize and configure WordPress to your liking.

You should be able to see a very basic setup on your website, which is the default WordPress theme. There are thousands of themes available to pick from and customize to get exactly the look you want.

To save you time, we have tried hundreds of themes and layouts and want to recommend to you the Divi theme*.

* This is an affiliate link. By purchasing through this link, we get a commission. It helps us keep this site up and running and is a great way to let us know this page was useful to you.

The Divi theme not only contains several pre-made layouts to choose from, but also has a drag-and-drop builder that lets you configure your own layout without needing to know how to code. Divi also has excellent support so you can ask any question from how to install the theme to how to create custom configurations for your site.

For detailed steps on how to purchase your theme and install it, check out our simple guide.