39 Excellent WordPress Divi Theme Examples on Small Business Websites


When it comes to building a small business website, what are the most important factors? Likely there are a few things. Cost, a brand-consistent appearance, and the ability to add your messages easily so you can communicate what you do and what you can do for your customers are all important.

When choosing what tools to use for creating your company website there are a lot of options out there. We’ve chosen WordPress and the Divi theme because this duo is inexpensive, versatile with design options, and pretty easy to get what you want up and running quickly.

It also helps that Elegant Themes Divi theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes available. You’ll find a lot of small businesses already using it. Here are 39 excellent WordPress Divi theme examples on small business websites that we’ve enjoyed. We hope you’ll find some inspiration!


1. Megan Kelsey Photography

Category: Service (Photography)
A+ to this entrepreneur, who used typography and a unique offset nav bar on the left to create a wholly original and compelling site.


2. human-I-T

Category: Nonprofit
A great example of a video module above the fold to draw and hold attention. We also like the subtle navigation on the right: Simply click the dots to move down the page.


3. Hyphen Creative Agency

Category: Agency
Creative graphic backgrounds, unconventional breaks in content blocks (like steep angles and new colors), and a highly-visible secondary left navigation bar show how a little bit of customization can be very powerful.


4. Colorstone

Category: Entertainment
Looking for something totally different? Start here. This grid layout is hyper-visual, perfect for artists and creative types to show off their style. Scroll all the way to the bottom to see embedded audio and a minimal way to display of Instagram posts.


5. Mendocino Farms Sandwich Market

Category: Agriculture/Food Industry
Another use of video to immediately establish the warmth of the brand. This site also highlights how a minimal layout and a strong font is all you need to create the look of a customized, branded site.


10. Bookin Agency

Category: Entertainment
An excellent example of full-screen video on the home page. Click the hamburger menu on the left for a look a high-impact, streamlined navigation.


6. Toothsmith Dental Surgery

Category: Dental/Medical
This friendly-looking site uses a different header and navigation style, and icons instead of photography for a site that looks super-customized and professional.


7. Cust’O

Category: Real Estate
A one-page layout with lots of examples of how to make photos more interesting, including subtle movement, interesting shapes, and parallax scrolling (where the content scrolls up and down to reveal an image). Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page so you don’t miss any of the photo examples.


8. Life on a Plate

Category: Blog (Lifestyle)
Divi is easily adaptable to a blog. This site shows a blog layout and post format with content and a right sidebar. Click on one of the options in the navigation and scroll down to see how the header contracts and follows you down the page.


9. The Farm Byron Bay

Category: Agriculture/Food Industry
Another use of video to immediately establish the warmth of the brand. This site also highlights how a minimal layout and a strong font is all you need to create the look of a customized, branded site.


12. WorshipU

Category: Education/Religious Organization
Sure, this site has some customization, but it shows how Divi is a flexible platform for any extras you might want to add. We love the full-screen background photo (standard with Divi) and typography for instantly capturing attention.


13. The Global Church Project

Category: Church/Religious Organization
This artistic, illustration-driven site shows Divi’s ability to support a site that doesn’t look exactly like everything else out there. It’s also a nice example of parallax scrolling (where the content scrolls over a photograph to reveal it).


14. East of Africa

Category: Social Good E-Commerce
A full-page layout and great use of photography makes this site compelling. Don’t miss how the main navigation reveals itself as you scroll and how clean their product page is.


15. Casa Dorita

Category: Restaurant
A totally charming site with a discreet fly-out menu on the right side of the page. Scroll through the whole thing for ideas on mixing photos and illustrations, and to see the sliding horizontal panel of illustrations near the center of the page.


11. Number 11

Category: Agency
This page gets huge impact out of white space and a full-width photo illustration. It also has an example of a hidden main navigation menu that reveals itself as soon as you start to scroll.


16. Abbart JC

Category: E-Commerce
A nice example of a clean and simple shopping cart site.


17. Greedie Goddess

Category: E-commerce (Specialty Food)
A custom illustration incorporates the site’s navigation for a unique call to action. Scroll to the bottom of the site to see how using their own font completes the branding package.
NOTE: Links don’t currently work on this site, but maybe they will after the holidays?


21. Families Course

Category: Education
A full-screen layout, colors, and strong use of photos combine to emphasize this site’s branding and make the relatively simple page look high-energy.


22. Playa Cativo Lodge

Category: Hospitality (Resort/Hotel)
Multiple entry points and the use of various sizes and types of photography make this resort’s site like an interactive brochure with lots of calls to action. Bonus points for the clean, professional layout.


18. Vanderhall USA

Category: E-commerce (Auto)
Another great example of using the home page slider to showcase photography, a high-impact way to embed video, and Divi’s photo gallery. This site also includes a “Find a Dealer” page with a built-in contact form.


23. Pacific Science Center

Category: Educational Center/Museum
Colorful graphics give a consistent, on-brand look to this site despite relying on photography from other sources. We also love all the visual call-outs accented by icons.


24. Pensiunea Roua Muntilor

Category: Hospitatliy (Resort/Hotel)
Great example of using illustration and organic lines to make transitions between the content blocks more interesting. The parallax effect gives this page a lot of depth.


25. Brighton Paintworks

Category: Small Business/Service (Home Interiors)
Excellent use of background textures and a tight color palette to reinforce their branding. Interactive callouts with photos (e.g. “Painting & Decorating” and “Furniture Revamp”) draw lots of attention. Scroll down to see a nice example of a rotating photo gallery, too.


26. ChurchWeb

Category: Service (Web Design)
A great example of how minimal changes–just a few photos and branded fonts and colors–gives you a professional, clean layout.


27. Limestone Branch Distillery

Category: E-commerce (Food/Wine/Spirits)
Really nice use of the product display, photography, and embedded video. Click “Buy” in the navigation to see an embedded map and directions. (Note: You have to be over 21 years old to view this site.)


28. La Vida Dulce

Category: Hospitality (Resort/Hotel)
Shows off Divi’s Parallax capabilities, giving dimension to this site using only still photos.


29. Psygems

Category: E-Commerce
A nice example of how to display products and integrate a social media feed. Be sure to click into a product category to see what a robust product catalogue and the featured products elements can look like.


20. Happi Soul

Category: Service/Education
A simple site that uses its own imagery well to create a unique look and feel. Keep scrolling to see how they use the home page slider, the testimonial function, and one way to display blog posts.


30. Govel Ifern

Category: Tourism/Event
GIFs add a little movement to the graphics (a genius hack), but we also love the use of background images and illustrated elements like the play button on the video.


31. Little Red Chimp

Category: Agency
Customized headings and buttons give this site a well-branded look without a lot of extras. The clean layout emphasizes the calls to action on the page.


32. Doggy Dates

Category: Small Business/Service (Pets)
The navigation is the star here. It features a branded font, rollover color blocks, and an illustrated arrow in the drop-down menu. This also uses Divi’s home page slider to alternate between illustrations and photography for a different look.


33. Dr. Petronela Popoviciu

Category: Medical
Photos aren’t a must-have for a highly-professional site as this one proves. It relies on a focused color palette, branded fonts, and icons to get a polished, high-end look.


19. Sweet Cecily’s

Category: E-Commerce
A nice example of how to display products and integrate a social media feed. Be sure to click into a product category to see what a robust product catalogue and the featured products elements can look like.


34. Branded by Britt

Category: Entrepreneur/Marketing
A nice example of split navigation (with the logo in the middle), streamlined but effective home page callouts, and opt-in forms.


36. Leesburg Life

Category: Tourism
The highlight is the top panel here–the rotating text and full-screen layout combine for a great example of how to advertise a product.


35. About a Boy and a Girl

Category: Specialty Market/Restaurant
Essentially an online brochure, this site provides all the must-know information on one page–perfect for launching your site quickly.


37. LearnMOJO

Category: Education
Shows how background images and large stock photos can combine to create a visual, on-brand site.


39. Hotel Monteleone

Category: Hospitality (Resort/Hotel)
Shows how you can customize typography to totally change the look and feel of your branding. This one more high-end luxury rather than super contemporary and minimal.


38. Well Source

Category: Entrepreneur (Author)
This site combines an interactive brochure model with a shopping cart. Scroll to the bottom to see an example of an embedded opt-in form over a photograph.

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