How to add Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress Divi website

If you would like to install Google Analytics tracking code on your WordPress website with the Divi theme, here are the simple steps.

To get your tracking code, first you need to set up a Google account at You can log in with your existing Gmail email address if you already have one. To set up your website and get the code, follow Google’s guide here.

You can set up multiple websites in your Google analytics account. The simplest way to find your Google tracking code is to go to “Admin” in the top menu bar and then choose your account from the dropdown menu. Under the Property category you should see a tab called “Tracking Info.”


Select Tracking Info and then highlight the code in the box titled “Website tracking.”


Then go back to your WordPress website in your browser and choose “Divi” from your dashboard menu. Then select “Integration” in the purple menu. A box will appear where you can enter your analytics code. Paste the code you copied and then press the Save button.


That’s it! Now you have Google analytics tracking code installed on your website. Check your Google analytics account after about 24 hours and you should start to see it working.