How to install a widget on your WordPress website

So you found a widget you really like, but don’t know the simplest way to get it on your WordPress website. Here’s how you can download and install widgets on your WordPress website. First of all, the terms widget and plugin can be confusing. WordPress uses plugins to add extra functionality to your website. When you install a plugin a widget may appear when you navigate in your WordPress dashboard to Appearance > Widgets. So first let’s install the plugin to get the widget to show up in your WordPress dashboard.

In the WordPress dashboard navigate to Plugins > Add New

Then type in the name or description of the widget/plugin you found in the “Search Plugins” box near the top right of your screen. For example, if you typed “Facebook like box” into the search box, the results would show a list of all the related plugins.


You can view details and find the name of the developer if you are trying to find a specific widget. Once you find the one you want, select the “Install” button and wait a few seconds while it installs. When a screen with an “activate plugin” link appears go ahead and select it.

Now when you go back to Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress dashboard you should see 2 columns. Available widgets are in the left column and active widgets on your website are shown in right column. All you have to do put the widget on your website is click and drag the widget box from the left column to the right one (drag into the sidebar box on the right).


If you don’t want the widget to show up on every sidebar of your website you can create new widget areas and place your new widget only in specific areas. If you have a theme like Divi installed on your WordPress website you can add those specific sidebars to other locations on your website.