I thought WordPress was for blogging. What is the difference between a website and a blog?

WordPress was originally built as a blogging platform, but as it grew and became popular for its easy-to-use content management system, many small and even large businesses started using it for their complete websites. WordPress is now used by almost 60% of all websites. The best part is it’s still a great blogging platform with the capability to run a full website. Typically, a blog is a list of news-like posts (or a feed) that can be viewed on all sorts of devices whereas a website contains pages of information (like an online company brochure).

Can I use a different hosting provider?

Of course. There are many other hosting providers available but we recommend Bluehost because of their simple setup process and excellent compatibility with WordPress. If you already have a domain and hosting with another provider, check with their online support to see if they have a 1-click WordPress install option.

Can I install WordPress manually?

Yes, but for the purpose of this guide, we wanted to make things as simple as possible so we recommend using the 1-click install in the Bluehost control panel.

What if I want to use Bluehost but already registered a domain name with another company?

That is totally fine. You can still purchase Bluehost for your hosting provider and use your existing domain name. There is just one extra step you will need to do to point your domain nameservers to your new Bluehost account. Check out this tutorial on how to make it happen.

How do I choose a good domain name?

It can be hard these days to find the exact name you want. It may be helpful to include an important keyword search phrase as part of your domain name. But be careful not to make it too long, or it can be difficult for your audience to spell out or remember easily.

Is it best to register a domain with .com, .org, .net or something else?

.com is usually best, because even if it’s not a company, that’s what people have been trained to remember for all websites. Although, in some situations, if you are building a website for an organization such as a non-profit, It may make the most sense to use the .org extension.

Can I install a different theme than Divi, or use a free WordPress theme?

Yes, you can install any theme you like, but be careful with free themes as they may contain malicious content or malware that can harm your website. We chose the Divi theme because it is robust, and the company is extremely dedicated to support. They constantly work on improving features, updating and fixing bugs, and keeping the software secure. Usually if you purchase a theme and pay for support, you will find it is a safer option.

What is the difference between the Divi purchase plans? Do I need the Photoshop templates?

Most likely not. We recommend the option without PSD templates or the lifetime option if you want to get free updates without paying a yearly renewal fee.