The Best WordPress Plugins to Install on a New WordPress Website

Jetpack – (free)

Jetpack is a plugin for WordPress that is like a handful of plugins all-in-one. It’s made by Automattic, the company that provides so it’s one of the most widely used and regularly updated plugins available. If you don’t want to bother with Google Analytics right away, Jetpack includes a simple site stats feature so you can get an overview of your traffic. It also provides some additional security features for your site. See the full list of Jetpack features here.

BackWPUp – (free)

The more popular WordPress becomes, the more hackers will try to attack WordPress websites. We recommend checking your WordPress dashboard often and updating your WordPress install, theme and plugins to ensure you have all the latest security fixes for your site. Even with the best security software, things can still happen so we recommend a good backup plugin for WordPress. BackWPUp is easy to set up and simple to use. After installing you can set up a “chron” or an automated job that will back up your files at the interval you set. No longer will you need to worry about having a safe set of your files in case of emergency. We recommend setting up 2 jobs in the plugin settings after you install. One can be a weekly backup of your WordPress database and the other can be a monthly file backup. You can choose where to save the backup files such as in a file folder on your hosting server, DropBox or even have the files emailed to you.

WordFence – (free)

WordFence is a security plugin. Even though you may be vigilant about all your updates, it can be beneficial to install a separate WordPress security plugin like WordFence. WordFence has some helpful and simple features that run in the background of your website such as protection against brute force attacks, web application firewall, and a malware scanner.

Yoast SEO – (free)

While WordPress is already configured to help SEO (search engine optimization) there are always more tools and tips for even better SEO. Yoast is an excellent way to optimize your WordPress site with a very user-friendly interface. By analyzing your content, Yoast gives you a red light, yellow light, or green light to let you know if your content is optimized for SEO—as well as making it easy to optimize all of your titles and descriptions.

Anti-Spam – (free)

Comment spam can be a real pain. While WordPress comes with the Akismet plugin already installed, and while it works fairly well, Anti-spam is cleaner, simpler, and can be even more effective for comment spam. Anti-spam forces robot spam to prove that they are not robots. With Anti-spam there is no need for captcha on comment forms, no need to moderate the spam, and decreased time and stress dealing with settings, emails, or even seeing spam.

Cloudflare – (free)

Cloud flare is self described as “a service that makes websites load faster and protects sites from online spammers and hackers.” It offers a variety of features that typically are only available to extremely large sites with great resources as it pools information across its entire network of sites to guard against hackers, spam, and malicious code. Cloudlfare does this in several ways, but primarily through routing traffic through its specific DNS service (instead of your own or someone else). So the Cloudlfare plugin simply helps your website operate in sync with the Cloudflare service.