What to do when your logo is blurry or your images look pixelated

To see how to add your logo to your website with the Divi theme, check out this helpful video from Elegant Themes: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/divi/documentation/logo/

To customize where your logo appears in the Divi theme check out this helpful guide on the Elegant Themes blog: http://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/exploring-divi-2-4-all-new-header-styles-and-design-settings

Pretty simple, right? But what if your logo looks blurry or your images look pixelated or grainy? Usually a logo or image will look blurry on screen if the width and height is saved at a size too small. There just are not enough pixels in the image to display it sharply. Images like jpeg’s, png’s or gif’s are rasterized which means they are a fixed set of pixels and cannot scale upward.

It’s best to save your logo or image at a larger size or talk to the person who created it for you and ask for a high resolution file.

While it is important save your logo at a high resolution, be careful not to save it too large or the file data size will be very large and make your website slower to load and cost more for those with small data plans on their Internet connections.

A reasonable size for a logo in the Divi theme is about 100-200 pixels in height. It may depend on the height you make your header area and what resolution of display you view the website, but if you notice your logo looks blurry and you have a high resolution file, just save it out a little larger and re-upload.